🕹️ JavaScript game projects created by Yves Gurcan

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You’ll find below various projects related to my passion for older video games. Most of the projects are in pre-alpha and can be played in your browser. Thanks to these various experiences, I gained a lot of knowledge about the challenges that come with building a game engine from scratch. Want to see more projects related to web development? Check out my GitHub profile.

Old-school RPG written from scratch with React.

A game engine replicating Doom and Wolfenstein 3D mechanics. Written from scratch. Uses the Canvas API.

A utility to extract Doom game assets. Enables the visualization of wall textures and game levels, the playback of MIDI files and sounds, and much more. Works with other games based on the Doom engine such as Heretic, Hexen, Hacx, and Freedoom.

A game engine replicating WarCraft II mechanis. Written from scratch. Uses the Canvas API.

A mobile-first game of chess.

A utility to keep track of your character sheet with Choose Your Own Adventure books.